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Frequently asked questions

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You have the opportunity to earn commission on any purchases made through your member page, affiliate link.

You can keep track of commission owed to you from the Home tab under Affiliate Link & Commission, but please bear in mind that this figure may change from time to time, in order to account for cancelled/part-refunded orders.

Your commission will be paid out on a monthly basis on earnings from two months previous (to account for returns and processing), via PayPal. We will be sending payments to the email address you used to sign up to this program.

If you do not have a PayPal account linked to this email address, you can easily redeem your commission by adding an additional email to your already existing PayPay account or by creating a new account.

Alternatively, if you'd like to change your Katie Loxton Icons email address to the same as your pre existing PayPal account you can easily do so via Settings within the portal:

You can read about this further within Duel's Platform Terms of Use and Payment Service Terms and feel free to get in touch with any questions.


There are a few reasons as to why one of your Tasks may be rejected. Tasks will be rejected if:

  • You used the same photo as evidence on multiple Tasks. All Tasks must be accompanied by a new and different photo.
  • The photo uploaded is poor quality.
  • The screenshot uploaded does not show significant evidence of the Tasks being completed, due to how it was cropped or how it was taken.
  • Required hashtags or tags are missing. See also hashtag usage tips.
  • The content of the photo or evidence uploaded is incorrect.

There are a few reasons why your Instagram post may say it cannot be recognised:

  • Please ensure that your account is set to public. Since our platform automatically scans and retrieves information from Instagram, we ask that you please change your account settings to public for the posting of the photo. After submission and the Tasks has been approved, you can change your account back to private and you will retain your points.
  • Double-check that if the Tasks is asking for multiple hashtags, that they are all included in the post. Hashtags must be included in the post caption, rather than the comments section, in order for the post to be recognised. See also hashtag usage tips.
  • Please make sure that the post you are submitting for the Tasks as evidence is a new post as the system may not pick it up if it is too old.

There will be a set number of times that a repeatable Tasks can be completed. You will be able to find this information within the Tasks.

Please contact the support team with a screenshot of what you are experiencing so we can provide further assistance.